Monday, November 7, 2011

Holiday Recipe Swap

This Thursday at 7 in the Relief Society Room we will be having a Holiday Recipe/Tradition Swap. We did this last year and it was so much fun! We had caramels, divinity, cheese dips, and a bunch of other yummy foods that people love to have during the holidays. If you could make your favorite holiday food and bring the recipe we would all love to try it! The whole family is invited.
To get you even more excited, I’ll share what I’m planning on bringing – Monkey bread and a Holly Wreath. My family always had Monkey bread on Christmas morning and we would make these Holly Wreaths (like rice krispy treats but better) and deliver them secretly in the night to our friends and people in the ward every year. One year I decided to wear a scruchie made out of a bunch of bells on our delivery night. Everything went fine until it was my turn to drop off a wreath, ring the door bell and run. As soon as I started running, the bells started jingling like crazy. (Not so good for our covert operation.) My partner in crime had to hold my ponytail as we ran so that the bells wouldn’t ring and we wouldn’t be caught.
Holly Wreathmonkey-bread
I look forward to trying all your holiday tradition foods and hearing about your traditions! See you on Thursday!
Mary H

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