Monday, November 28, 2011

Heart of a Princess--Photos of the Tree

Here are some photos of our Tree!

Thank you to everyone who participated and gave support for creating this beautiful tree along with its accompanying items. The bookcase ended up fantastic, the ornaments wonderful, and overall--a complete success! I know Celeste and her family really appreciated the love and support that was shown for them.

If you are going up to the Festival, our Tree is on Aisle K.
Celeste came to see the tree all set up the night before it was taken up to Sandy. Needless to say, she loved it!

The Tree at the Festival: Ailse K

The Beautiful bulb ornaments! They looks so sparkly on the tree.

Our Princess Hearts--they add lots of gorgeous bling!

The castles and crowns turned out great and really added some Princess Zing to the Tree

Our Tree topper. You can also see the beautiful garland!

The Dress Up Chest turned out so wonderful!
The beautiful Custom made Jewelry box. It will be a big hit!

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