Monday, November 4, 2013

Family Home Evening

Happy Monday! This great FHE idea comes from the book, Family Home Evening for Newlyweds, by Deborah Pace Rowley. Enjoy!

Scripture Chase

Look up scriptures, find words, and write them down. You can do this together or as a race.

-Alma 55:24...4th line, 4th word

-Alma 5:57...4th line, 8th word
-Mosiah 2:9...14th line, 3rd word
-3 Nephi 17:23...3rd line, 1st word
-Mosiah 2:9...10th line, 6th word
-3 Nephi 17:2...2nd line, 4th word
-3 Nephi 4:33...1st line, 3rd word

Now and unscramble the words to create a phrase, then discuss the phrase.  How do you accomplish what the phrase says? You may wish to read King Benjamin's words beginning with Mosiah 2:9.

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