Monday, November 11, 2013

Family Home Evening

This idea comes from the book, " Family Home Evening for Newlyweds" by Deborah Pace Rowley.

This lesson takes about 10 minutes of prep work.  I promise it's worth it though! This is really fun!


- 2 pens/pencils
- blank paper for drawing
- Gospel Draw Cards made from the names listed below. Write them on a piece of paper, cut them out and put them in a hat/bag.

Gather materials and place gospel draw cards in a bag or hat. The names are well-known people from the scriptures or church history. Take turns drawing a name from the bag/hat. Do not let your spouse see the name you've picked. Draw a picture or pictures to help your spouse guess who the person is. No words or numbers are allowed. Keep track of time.the spouse with the shortest drawing time is the winner.

Gospel Draw Cards

-King Benjamin
-The three Nephites
-Alma that younger
-2,000 Stripling Warriors
-Samuel the Lamanite
- Moroni
-Peter James and John
-Emma Smith
- Mary
- Brigham Young

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