Sunday, March 3, 2013

Recipe: Chicken Veggie Soup

Submitted by Yessenia Ornelas
8 cups of water
2 Chicken breasts
3 chopped stocks of Celery
2 chopped carrots
½ of yellow onion, chopped
2 Potatoes, chopped into cubes
1 tbs of olive oil
2 bouillon cubes of chicken flavor
1 tbs of dried parsley flakes
Pepper (to desired flavor)
Salt (if more is needed)
Add the chicken bouillon cubes to water.  Boil chicken in water until tender, remove from water and set aside to cool.  In a big pot, sauté chopped vegetables with olive oil but leave out the potatoes.  Add chicken water (stock) to the vegetables in the big pot.  Chop chicken into cubes and set aside with the potatoes.   Add parsley flakes, pepper and more salt (if needed) to soup.  Let boil and then add chicken and potatoes.  Done when potatoes are soft.  

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