Monday, February 25, 2013

RS Activity: Service Skills!

We had an amazing activity this past Saturday - learning skills for better serving our husbands. We discovered some new tips for stain removal (lemon and aspirin, who knew?), learned tips for haircutting and massaging, and ate some delicious treats. Plus it's always fun to get together with our sisters to get to know each other better!

To start us off, Meggie soaked some very stained pieces of fabric in different Pinterest stain removal solutions so we could see what really works and what is just Pinterest fiction.

While we waited for the stains to disappear, Christy Christensen showed us how to cut men's hair like a pro... and Bro. Harris was a very good sport.

Becca Davis also gave us some excellent massage tips... though most of us wished our husbands were there to hear them, too. :)

Finally, we looked to see which of our stain removers had worked. Actually, most of them did!

We had a great time and are grateful to all the sisters who came. If you weren't able to make it, we'll look forward to seeing you next time!!

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