Sunday, November 18, 2012

Lesson Recap: Bringing Up Children in Light and Truth

Today in Relief Society we had a wonderful lesson by Bonnie Cox from the manual, Chapter 22: Bringing Up Children in Light and Truth. Here are some highlights from the message she prepared and our discussion:

  • The best place for children to learn is the home.
  • The best way we can teach our children is by our own example.
  • It’s so important we spend time with our children, because these are precious moments we won’t get back.
  • Ways that we can teach our children include controlling the media (movies, TV, music, etc) that enter our home and encouraging good habits (such as reading good books).
  • Family Home Evening is an important way for us to teach our children the truths of the gospel. Some suggestions for making FHE more meaningful include planning it out and lovingly encouraging our husbands to participate and preside.

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