Friday, June 1, 2012

Scripture Power

Last week our lesson was on Chapter 10: The Scriptures, The Most Valuable Library in the World. We had a great discussion on the scriptures and how to make them a better part of our lives. Here are some of the wonderful ideas that were shared:

Scripture Videos –Help children learn the stories. You can buy scripture DVD, find them at the library or even short videos produced by the church. Click the link to find Book of Mormon Stories and New Testament Stories.

Memorize Scriptures – Pick a scripture a month to memorize.

Include children in scripture study – Use signals for phrases that young children can remember (

Focus on smaller sections of scriptures  - Don’t feel like you need to read an entire chapter

Decorate your home with scriptures -  For example: 

Read scriptures with visitors to your home

Act out the scriptures – Make it fun!

Ask questions for each member of the family – Help them to apply the scriptures and understand the principles.

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