Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Lesson Recap: Children by Neil L. Andersen

This past Sunday, we had a great lesson by Mary Harris on the talk “Children” by Neil L. Andersen from the October 2011 General Conference. Here are some highlights from the lesson and our class discussion:

  • The commandment to multiply and replenish the earth is still in force.
  • Children need to come to earth.
  • Mothers and fathers have distinct roles in the raising of their children.
  • The decision on when to have children, how many, etc. is between the husband and wife and the Lord.
  • Motherhood is a calling.
  • Those who cannot enjoy blessings of parenthood on earth will enjoy all of these blessings in the eternities.
  • We need to trust in the Lord’s timing, and remember his plan for us the best and will make us happiest.
  • Be open to the answers to prayers we receive. This helps remove fear.
  • Fasting and attending the temple are good ways to receive revelation.
  • We must be united with our spouse.


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